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Museum of the Long Weekend – Sydney side

Last nights opening went off without a glitch, something I am very grateful for giving the number of plugs, cords and power that keeps the works alive. It was a really great turn out and a lot of fun.


I am Sydney bound to work with Gigi, Greg, Glenn and my gorgeous sister in law Zoe (that’s a lot of ‘G’s) to create a work for Big h’ART project – ‘The Museum of the Long Weekend’.

Greg and Glenn live in the Blue Mountains and are the very proud owners of the beautiful Gigi – their vintage caravan.

Over the next week and a half, Zoe and I will be creating a Museum within Gigi that tells the story of Glenn, Greg and previous owner Ron.

Stay tuned for updates and development shots but for now follow the link to learn a little about MOTLW……

Gigi the Caravan

Gigi the Caravan