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Coming up in October…

October is to be yet another busy busy busy month jam-packed full of arty goodness so I’m not complaining – sleep and days off are over rated right?!?!
To kick start the month I have 2 exhibition openings that I am involved with:

Opening next Wednesday 2nd October at FELTspace is ‘to the things themselves’. Curated by superstar Ray Forester and featuring a whole bunch of fantastic female artists you won’t want to miss this one. Madi pretty much sums it up perfectly here –

tsuchitarshi - to the things themselves @ FELTspace

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Then on Wednesday October 9th from 6-8pm I will open my third exhibition as curator for the Carclew Foyer Gallery – ‘Non-threatening Boys’. For this exhibition early career visual artist Dominique Keeley will present paintings that explore the image of teen idols past and present.  Dominique’s work analyses the meaning of masculinity in contemporary culture and explores the roles of male pop icons. Her work investigates the notion of these well-known teen idols – the non-threatening boys – as a consumable commodity marketed to a youthful female audience and the subsequent conflict that arises between the image and the individual. The body of work in all its glittering, candy-coloured glory, will be on display in the Carclew Foyer Gallery from Friday 4 October – Thursday 31 October, opening drinks Wednesday October 9th.

* i think it is rather poignant that this exhibition co-incidentally co-insides with the superstar teen idol boy band “One Directions” visit to Adelaide, playing EIGHT sold out shows in our little town….. EIGHT show!!!!  check out Rip It Up’s fabulously amusing review of the concert here……

Dominique Keeley - 'Non-threatening Boys' : Carclew Foyer Gallery

img: Dominique Keeley, ‘SOMEDAY’ (detail), oil paint and glitter on board, 75cm x 75cm, 2013

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PEMBROKE – Artist in Residence

 For 10 days over the last 3 weeks I had the great privilege of being the Artist in Residence at Pembroke Middle School. During my time there I worked with all four year 9 Art classes to deliver a collaborative installation.

The installation grew under the pergola that links all of the art rooms. The students were introduced to my art practice of creating something extraordinary out of ordinary materials – making do with what ever is close at hand.  With me, they made all of the elements that would come together to form the installation outside.

Our first material was outdated Pembroke newsletters and then we moved onto paper plates, paper patty-pans, Styrofoam cups and ping pong balls. I walked them through approaches to making when you don’t know what the outcome will be, or what it is you are really making but rather focusing on finding form and playing with materials until they become something other / something new.

It took a little while for the students to become comfortable with letting go of trying to make “something” ie: a flower, a bug etc. but they quickly caught on to the idea of simply “playing” with a material first and then started to develop some of their own, fantastic ideas and processes of transformation.

Our main focus and ideas were based on shifting 2D objects into 3D; the effects of accumulation en masse and the potential for illumination and / or incorporation of light and shadow. The deadline was to finish in time for the Middle School Art Exhibition Opening, which occurred last Thursday night. It was great evening and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent at Pembroke and with the students, teachers and art assistants.

The end result was really satisfying and the students should and did feel extremely proud of their work. It was great working with so many students on the one installation and sharing my joy for making with them. Pictures below for viewing…..

IMG_3125 IMG_3134 IMG_3124 IMG_3116 IMG_3114

Jemimah Davis - Pembroke Artist in Residence, term 3 2013

Jemimah Davis – Pembroke Artist in Residence, term 3 2013