Museum of the Long Weekend sum up!

In October last year I was involved in a Big hART project in Canberra – MUSEUM OF THE LONG WEEKEND.

The MUSEUM was a multi-disciplinary installation that aimed to uncover hidden gems of Australian identity. It explored the idea that it might be in times of recreation and relaxation that our success as a community and as a nation is most present. Big hART artists collaborated with families, collecting memories and curating them into a living and mobile exhibition.

The event was staged in and around multiple caravans, in two parts: 42 vintage caravans attended the event, traveling from around the country. The public was invited to wander in and around the vans, strike up a conversation, have a cup of tea and a chat about holidays past, common ground and times of relaxation or family arguments into the night.

The ‘artwork’ was presented in and around the curated caravans – specific caravans were curated and spread throughout Grevillea Park. The public were encouraged to explore these caravan exhibition spaces.

The caravan I created an installation for was named ‘Bubbles’. The teeny tiny vintage caravan is owned by Kylie Brunner and is dearly adored by her kids Olivia and Archie.  This adventure was the first big trip the family has had with Bubbles and the first true Australian road trip for Olivia and Archie. I was inspired by the idea of family holidays in the pre-technological age, where old fashioned games were treasured and kids would make their own fun out of what is at hand or could be found. Together with Archie and Olivia we created a ‘hand-made’ arcade : 3 giant marble trails made out of toilet rolls and fabric rolls looped up, down and around the interior of the van, a cardboard caravan clock kept the time, an internally luminated cardboard Chinese checkers board, a giant cardboard outdoor dominoes game and Archie and Olivia each had a custom made cardboard scrap book to document their home, their trip and future adventures and memories that they will share as a family with Bubbles. Cardboard bunting was also wrapped around the exterior of the van, painted with symbols that represent the Brunner family – Mum, Dad, Archie, Olivia and each of their many many pets on their property in the hills of Adelaide.

Check out the video below that sums up the project and some snapshots of ‘Bubbles’:

Jemimah Davis, Museum of the Long Weekend, Big HART 2013 Jemimah Davis, Museum of the Long Weekend, Big HART 2013 Jemimah Davis, Museum of the Long Weekend, Big HART 2013 Jemimah Davis, Museum of the Long Weekend, Big HART 2013 Jemimah Davis, Museum of the Long Weekend, Big HART 2013

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