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FELTnatural 2014

On Friday 21st November, FELTspace launched our third public art project in Rymill Park – FELTnatural 2014.  The opening event was a huge success and excellent party. Mother nature sandwiched us between two days of torrential rain, lightning and thunder to turn on a stunning celebration on the island on Friday evening. Supported by Arts SA and the Adelaide City Council, this event is on display for an entire week with artist tours on Tuesday and Thursday and a closing picnic and workshop this Sunday 30th November.  I created two new works for the exhibition titled ‘Agave Attenuata Artificial’.

‘Agave Attenuata Artificial’ continues my investigations into how we might imitate or subtly reference spectacle in nature with everyday materials. This concept of working stems from my ongoing interest in the potential for the extraordinary in the ordinary. The work created for FELTnatural blends ideas of the natural and artificial, organic and manufactured. Referencing one of the most popular and highly ornamental succulents, I created a playful version of this commonly sought after plant. Extending on the idea of the artificial ornateness, I sculpted plant like forms out of numerous silicone nozzles, plastic domes and paint. The Agave Attenuata is extremely drought tolerant, survives in poor soils and can tolerate a range of climates. ‘Agave Attenuata Artificial’ is similarly robust, requiring no watering or soil. It is the perfect plant for those who enjoy the natural world but, like me, are not natural green thumbs!

What: A FELTspace Rymill Park ephemeral public art project.
Where: Rymill Park, Adelaide.
When: Friday 21 November to Sunday 30 November
Lunchtime artist tours: Tuesday 25 Nov + Thursday 27 November, 12:30pm. Meet on the Rymill Park island
Closing Picnic: Sunday 30 Nov from 1pm, at BBQ West area, with Embroidered Frisbee workshop by Team Textiles and performance by Choral Grief. BYO drinks and food, bargain sausage sizzle by FELTspace.

Artists: Roy Ananda, Katie Barber, John Blines, Steven Cybulka, James Dodd, Jemimah Dodd, Mae Finlayson, Anna Gore, Ray Harris, Elizabeth Hetzel, Anna Horne, Heidi Kenyon, Sue Kneebone, Sophia Nuske, Jenna Pippett, Kate Power, Derek Sargent, Sandra Uray-Kennett, Henry Jock Walker & Jungle Phillips & Steve Langdon, and Josephine Were & Meg Wilson

*Performance schedule for ‘hold/held’ by Josephine Were & Meg Wilson
Sunday Nov 30th 1-3pm

FELTnatural is supported by Arts SA’s Public Art & Design program and the Adelaide City Council’s Arts and Cultural program.

image credits: Steph Fuller, 2014

image credit: Steph Fuller

Jemimah Dodd

‘Agave Attenuata Artificial’, Jemimah Dodd, 2014

Jemimah Dodd

‘Agave Attenuata Artificial’, Jemimah Dodd, 2014