‘Peculiar Familiar’ at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation Odradek window space curated by Joanna Kitto

28th May – 29th June 2015

Shown across three consecutive displays in the odradekaeaf, Peculiar Familiar presents three Australian artists who transform the everyday into the strange. Anna Horne (SA), Soda_Jerk (NSW) and Jemimah Dodd (SA) approach found objects and imagery in unexpected ways. Discarded and overlooked materials become playful and perplexing new creations, taking the form of sculpture and the moving image that activate the inanimate. There is a striking disparity between the familiarity of the materials and the uncanny nature of their works. Each discards what is expected of their mediums in favour of more poetic possibilities. In doing so, the work compels us to reconsider our understanding and memory of the known, from the function and form of domestic objects, to the linear path of time. Peculiar Familiar obscures the line between what is comfortable and what is uncertain, revealing how easily the two can be exchanged.
Jemimah Dodd, Neon Guards, 2015

This recent sculptural work by South Australian artist Jemimah Dodd is part of an ongoing exploration of the transformative power of light and colour. In Neon Guards, developed site-specifically for the odradekaeaf, Dodd employs the common house gutter guard to investigate the spatial and sensory effects of light and the distillation of vivid colour. Given new and unrecognisable form, our understanding of the utilitarian behavior of these humble hardware objects falls under question. A curious, sensory experience takes over as Dodd elevates the readymade and the everyday to fantastical new heights.


odradekaeaf Jemimah Dodd 'Neon Guards'

odradekaeaf Jemimah Dodd ‘Neon Guards’

odradekaeaf Jemimah Dodd 'Neon Guards'

odradekaeaf Jemimah Dodd ‘Neon Guards’


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