Jemimah Dodd (nee. Davis) completed a Bachelor of Visual Art with Honors at Adelaide Central School of Art in 2011. Upon graduating from ACSA, Jemimah was selected to exhibit in the 2012 Helpmann Graduate Exhibition. During the 2013 SALA festival Jemimah presented her first solo exhibition, ‘Fluorescence’ and was named as a SALA Award finalist for the Advertiser Business S.A. Contemporary Art Prize. Whilst pursuing her arts practice, Jemimah regularly participates in South Australian schools as an Artist in Residence. In 2013, Jemimah was selected as a Carclew Foyer Curator and also became a Co-Director for Adelaide based artists run initiative FELTspace. Jemimah is the Artist Assistant and Project Coordinator for ‘Pom Pom’ – a Carclew children’s workshop program for 4-12 year olds in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide and is a gallery attendant and installation assistant for the Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art. In 2014, Jemimah has exhibited at Constance ARI in Hobart, Anita Traverso Gallery in Melbourne and presents a new body of work for the CACSA Project Space (SA) in December.

Jemimah Dodd’s practice is informed by the transformative power of light and colour. Jemimah is fascinated by how light might sculpt an environment and how that environment will sculpt the light, creating a dance between the physical and the ethereal. Jemimah’s installations explore what happens when we imitate spectacle in nature, predominately creating large scale sculptural/installation pieces and moving imagery. In thinking about extraordinary, majestic natural formations, Jemimah’s sculptures and installations explore the relationship between reality, perception and representation.



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